What do you want to clean?

Automated flux removal from electronic assemblies:

>> NovecTM by 3MTM

>> Co-solvent cleaner

Manual flux removal from electronic assemblies:

>> 3MTM NovecTM Sprays

>> MicroCare® Sprays® Sprays

Cleaning of system parts, stencils, sieves, lenses, single parts, etc.:

>> Puroclean

Automated precision part cleaning (de-oiling, degreasing, particle removal):

>> NovecTM by 3MTM

>> Co-solvent cleaner 


The assemblies' coating is done by immersion in the fluoropolymer HFE solvent contained in the system's tank.

The assemblies to be coated are put in baskets placed on a lift. By closing the lid and pressing the start button the immersion or dipping process with the subsequent drying process are automatically executed. Once the notification of completion appeared the basket can be simply exchanged. The process time is approximately 6 minutes. The baskets can be adapted easily to the assembly's geometry or can be replaced with customised racks.

All coating systems are equipped with a cold trap for the HFE liquid recovery where the condensed HFE liquid can be collected in a built-in container or be returned in the tank. This provides for a highly economic and environmentally friendly operation.

A water trap absorbs the produced condensation in another collective container. The systems are compliant with legal HFE regulations.


The flexible co-solvent procedure adapts to your applications

Heavy contaminations such as crude oil, grease, wax and solder flux can be removed in the co-solvent process where two liquids are applied for: a non-volatile, organic solvent removing surface contamination from the parts and the 3MTM NovecTM 71IPA Engineered Fluid washing up both the solvent and contaminations off the parts. In another cleaning process step, the highly pure HFE vapour is used as rinsing agent to finish surfaces.

Measuring the fluoropolymer concentration in a fluoropolymer HFE solvent

By weighing method  

Equipment required:

Precision scale with display accuracy of 0.001g

Scale pan (disposable)

Pulling syringe (reusable)


Put the scale pan and the empty syringe on the scale and note down the weight as tare.

Draw up the fluoropolymer HFE solvent into the syringe and put it with the pan on the scale. Note down the gross total weight

Carefully fill the syringe content into the pan and put aside the syringe.

Allow the pan to dry out for about 10 hours at room temperature, preferably overnight.

Put the dried pan and the syringe on the zero-filled scale. Note down the net weight.


Deduct from both gross and net weights the tare weight and create a ratio in order to compute the percentage.

(Net – Tare) : (Gross – Tare) x 100 = Percentage of solids

The solids content should be of 1.8% up to 2.2%.

Results beyond these limits require additional dosing.

For calculation assistance, please refer to our Excel sheet.


By automatic measuring 

The measuring station's purpose is to calculate the fluoropolymer portion in the solvent and to propose amounts to be added in order to restore the preferred fluoropolymer and HFE content.

This measuring method is based on latest sensor technology. If the fluoropolymer content carried in the solvent changes, the solvent's physical properties will change, too. The sensor will detect it. A measuring process takes up to 26 minutes after new material has been pumped into the measuring cell.