Zahnrad SilikonisierenWhy siliconising?

Liquid silicone oil can widely be used as lubricant and release agent. Silicone oil is mineral oil free, clean and odourless compared to conventional lubricants made of oil and grease. Silicone oil lubricates invisibly plastic gearwheels, gears, slide rails, rollers, slide tracks and many more. Silicone oil can be used within a temperature range from -50°C up to +200°C.  

How to apply the silicone oil?

In our procedure we apply the exact amount of silicone oil to the entire surface of the most complicated parts. The parts will be dipped in a bath. The carrier liquid HFE spreads the silicone oil exactly and quickly to the surfaces and in the smallest gap. When emerging from the bath, the HFE will be released and vaporise very quickly. A homogenous film of silicone oil with a constant layer thickness on the entire surface remains depending on the bath's silicone oil content. After 5 minutes, the parts will be covered by silicone oil only. All  HFE liquid has completely vaporised. The vaporised HFE liquid will be collected in the system, condensed and led back to the bath. In so doing, the material losses are very low.


Which sort of parts is immersion suitable for?

Predominately, for bulk goods such as gearwheels, clips, etc. We use baskets and drums for immersion where the parts are gently moved in the bath and in the drying line. Complete assemblies such as gears or mechanical devices can be immerged, too.  

How to set the silicone oil consumption? 

By mixing ratio of silicone oil and HFE liquid in the bath only. Easy measuring. A thick silicone oil layer be produced depending on the mixing ratio.

What is HFE?

The carrier liquid HFE (hydrofluoroether) is an engineered fluid designed as cleaning agent for manual use. This liquid is an azeotrope formulation consisting of methyl nonafluorobutyl ether, ethyl nonafluorobutyl ether and trans-1,2-dichloroethylene (t-DCE). It is a perfect substitute for ozone depleting materials, e.g. chlorinated or brominated solvents. The liquid is non-flammable, non-conductive and low toxic at appropriate use. Thanks to a zero ozone depletion potential and a low global warming potential, the liquid is not subject to F-gas regulations. 

What service do we offer to you?

We have the suitable system for immerging your parts. We deliver the carrier liquid HFE and will dispose of it upon request. We have measuring devices for silicone oil detection. We will support your process roll-out, or we will siliconise your parts for you as a service.