PrimaOptimaAnsichtBeladungHWe arrange for your electronic assemblies coating. 

We guarantee a professional care and high quality standards. Have your electronic assemblies with fluoropolymer coating material in a static control manufacture. Our success factors are process security, many years of experience with the most different electronic assemblies and a sound consulting service.

Contract coating with fluorine polymers is quick, cost-efficient and is also reasonable for small quantities.


TiefCoAll contract coatings are executed by our partner company TiefCo.



BeispielReinigungThe co-solvent method is perfect for electronic assemblies and precision parts cleaning. Take advantage of a quick, efficient and economic process handling your electronic assemblies or precision parts carefully.

Particularly prior to a fluorine polymer coating material treatment with a co-solving agent, a cleaning of the electronic assemblies is recommended for better protection results. The cleaning process is anhydrous and is carried out in our static control manufacture. The cleaning agents are not electrically conductive. Therefore, electronic assemblies equipped with batteries or accumulators can also be cleaned.

There are some details on cleaning to consider. We consult you on:

  • Type of contamination
  • Level of contamination
  • Material compatibility
  • Temperature compatibility
  • Ultrasonic application
  • Ensuing corrosion protection.

Do you like to have cleaning samplings? Don't worry, contact us >> 



senkrechterWasserabscheiderThere are wearing and consumption parts like filters or lift mechanics components in coating systems which must be regularly exchanged. 

We offer a comprehensive service for your existing HFE liquids coating system or treatment system. 

We bring along decades of experience in dealing with HFE liquids systems. We deliver the correct spare parts and consult in case of technical incidents and failures. Benefit from our favourable, quick and professional service!

Whether annual service, repair or emergency - we will help you. Contact us for details to discuss >>




Used HFE liquids are highly valuable. Even contaminated or mixed with other liquids the HFE liquid can be brought back due its chemical permanence. Recycled HFE liquids are available as cost-lowering factor in your production. The chemical properties of recycled liquids are unchanged compared with the source products. On top, the cleanness is usually more than satisfactory.

You may send the HFE liquids to be recycled to our premise in Weilheim/Teck, Germany. We will return the recycled HFE liquid including documentation to you. We are able to properly dispose of other materials being produced during the recycling process for you and with written proof.

In so doing we offer the optimum recycling and disposal solution for your HFE liquids.

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Epilamisieren ZahnradWould you like to have your parts made water-repellent, or oil-repellent? We epilamise your parts at our premise according to your specifications.  




Zahnrad Silikonisieren

Do you need an easy and quick process for a lasting lubrication on your plastic parts? We will coat your parts with a wafer-thin silicon oil film as per your specifications at our premise.