The measuring station model MST-2.0



The measuring station model MST-2.0 was specially designed for processing fluoropolymer HFE solvents. It measures the fluoropolymer coating material concentration carried in the fluoropolymer HFE solvent.

The measuring station’s intelligent software calculates the liquid amount to be added in order to receive an ideal fluoropolymer coating material concentration in the connected system.



The measuring station model MST-2.0 can simply be connected to a system’s hose couplings. The fluoropolymer HFE solvent is automatically pumped into a measuring cell. After approx. 26 minutes, the concentration of the fluoropolymer HFE solvent is determined precisely. A new measurement cycle starts every 30 minutes by default setting. This ensures a safe process supervision.

The measuring station model MST-2.0 is equipped with a temperature-regulated measuring cell for highest possible measuring accuracy. The measurement deviates about 0.03% at a maximum within a measuring range of 1.5% to 2.5% of fluoropolymer coating material concentration.

Preferred measurement start times and pumping rates can simply be set via touchscreen. The touchscreen is password-protected in order to avoid unintentional adjustment.



  • High-precision, temperature-regulated measuring cell
  • Automatic single sample pumping
  • Calculation of liquid volumes required for additional dosing
  • Big screen for displaying current fluoropolymer coating material concentration
  • Graphics and statistics are displayed
  • Upgradable for every production system 


The dosing station model DST-1.0


As an option the dosing station model DST-1.0 can be connected to the measuring station model MST-2.0.

Both the fluoropolymer coating material concentration and the HFE liquid as diluting agent are led into the production system by hose couplings. The measuring station MST-2.0 calculates the required liquid volume based on the last measurement result. The measuring station MST-2.0 and the dosing station DST-1.0 combined are a perfect team when it comes to automation and process safety.

It is also possible to assign the measurement values to a production batch or a certain lot. The values can simply be transmitted to higher control systems.


Dosierstation3After connecting the DST-1.0 all functions of the dosing station are comprehensively displayed on the MST-2.0 screen. The dosing station itself has no screen, but the measuring and dosing station combined are an efficient and highly integrated solution for automatic process supervision and control. The only action required to do is manually refilling both tanks of the dosing station with HFE liquid and fluoropolymer coating material. All other steps are processed automatically. Daily weighing out of the concentration, a calculation of the refilling volume and additional dosing are not required.



  • Integrated HFE liquid tank (as diluting agent)
  • Integrated tank for fluoropolymer coating material (as concentrate)
  • Pumps for additional dosing
  • Integrated automated control
  • A compact device on wheels