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The flexible co-solvent process adapts to your applications

In the electronic industry, it is imperative to clean electronic devices from various types of contamination and flux residues before treatments. All contamination can be removed quickly and efficiently in the co-solvent process where two liquids are used: A non-volatile, organic cleaning agent to be used for the contamination which removes the residues from the work piece surfaces, and the 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids for effectively rinsing off the cleaning agents and contamination from the work pieces and electronic devices.



Why waterless? 

Your benefits from the waterless cleaning process are: Due to their much lower evaporation heat the engineered liquids reduce the energy costs caused by tank heating up and components drying processes. The lower viscosity and higher density of the washing-up liquids compared to water provide for better drag-out control during components withdrawal from the cleaning system. Elaborate DI-water processing or recycling is not required. Frequent bath changes are not required either due to the cleaning solvents’ very long service time. By recovery, the loss of the washing-up liquid is reduced to an absolute minimum.



Coating with fluoropolymer


Coating electronic assemblies with fluoropolymer provides for best protection against humidity, dirt and migration. In the right part of the system, all components of the complete assembly will be dipped and coated with a thin fluoropolymer film. This process takes only few minutes. Due to the quick evaporation of the HFE liquid, the assemblies dry up fast and are ready to use soon afterwards.


The combined process: waterless cleaning and coating

This combination is unmatched: Coating an assembly which was previously cleaned is a 100% effective protection. An assembly which was cleaned and coated is very unlikely to be damaged by external environmental factors and lowers the failure rate enormously.


Technical data: 

System dimensions 




Depth  110cm
Working height   132cm


Required area (with vacuities)


Width   270cm
Depth 315cm


Filling capacities 


Tank 1  52.3l
Tank 2  32.0l
Tank 3  37.42l


Initial filling


Cleaner 25.0l
HFE liquid 91.6kg
Fluorpolymer HFE solvent    52.3kg