100128 500px

Container: Steel canister, 18.14kg (40lbs) 

Order number: 100128

Manufacturer: 3MTM

Country of origin: USA

Customs tariff number: 32082010

RoHS compliant: Yes

Hazardous goods classification: No

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Fluoropolymer coating material as a 2% fluoropolymer HFE solvent.
The suitability of 3MTM NovecTM 1700 Electronic Grade Coating refers to applications where surfaces to be coated are integrated in devices or assemblies in order to protect against mechanical contact. In this case, the applied coating material provides for a sure protection against humidity (dewing) at ambient temperatures of up to 175°C.
The medium is primarily used for coating equipped printed circuit boards and electronic devices.

The 3M™ Novec™ 1700 Electronic Grade Coating is a ready-to-use, clear fluid of a fluorochemical acrylic polymer carried in a hydrofluoroether solvent. This solvent has a very low viscosity penetrating the narrowest spaces and permitting a perfect coating of the entire component.

If applied to clean, dry surfaces such as epoxy laminates, coppers, aluminum, steel, tin, ceramics or glass, the 3MTM NovecTM 1700 Electronic Grade Coating dries to a thin, transparent, protective film with excellent non-corrosive, anti-migration and non-adhesive qualities.

This surface coating material is suitable for various applications, such as:

  • Equipped printed circuit boards used in electronic manufacturing
  • MR heads
  • Micro engines
  • MEMS (Micro-electronic mechanical systems) epilamising
  • HDD components