MicrocareSpraysThe circuit cleaners by MicroCare® are available in handy aerosol cans. These superior products are based on new chemical formulas which had not been available up to now. Users can reduce cleaning costs for electronic assemblies and improve the product quality and of course, they are up to fulfil increasingly stricter legislative regulations.

The three aersols are the Universal Flux Remover, Universal Contact Cleaner and Polar Flux Remover.

The Universal Flux Remover is a highly efficient cleaner removing residues of rosin-containing unleaded pastes which were soldered at high temperatures and are hardly to be removed.

The Universal Contact Cleaner is intended to clean electric contacts, relays, counters and circuits. The non-flammable formula dries very fast, is non-conductive and has an excellent material compatibility.

The Polar Flux Remover is the most abrasive cleaner of the aerosols and is perfectly suited for removing thick, old flux residues and soldering pastes being used for assembly repair and the rework process. 

European businesses will highly appreciate these new cleaners for their complying with all present EU regulations concerning environment, health and safety. They are highly efficient and tackle the challenging cleaning duties manufacturers are facing in Europe today. Now, manufacturing engineers can set a highly efficient benchtop cleaning process without worrying about legislative regulations. They are unlikely to be affected for decades and can save a lot of time and money with proven, well-introduced cleaning processes. 

The products are formulated in a way that they also comply with all upcoming worldwide regulations, e.g. cleaning processes can be defined in Germany and can also be rolled out worldwide without complications. The specially formulated Universal Flux Remover and Universal Contact Cleaner are the first electronics cleaner in Europe based on environmentally favourable HFO. They have an extremely low greenhouse potential (GWP, Global Warming Potential) and are not subjected to VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) regulations.

These two solvents are non-flammable and provide for a high work safety. Generally, all three cleaners consist of a new fuel gas with an extremely low global warming potential. They are the first electronics cleaners which comply with the new strict F-gas regulation. Of course, all three cleaners' ingredients comply with the legislative regulations according to REACH, GHS, WEEE and RoHS.



Microcare Universal Contact Cleaner

Aerosol Contact Cleaner


Microcare Polar Flux RemoverAerosol Flux Remover


Microcare Universal Flux RemoverAerosol Universal Flux Remover