100603 500px

Container: Aerosol with a brush, 400ml

Order number: 100603

Manufacturer: ABchimie

Country of origin: France

Customs tariff number: 38140090

RoHS compliant: Yes

Hazardous goods classification: Yes, UN1950

MAK: 340 mg/m³ 

Flash point: 0°C 

VOC: 100% 

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Fast-drying, ozone-friendly cleaning solution, developed specifically for flux removal on electronic assemblies.

·       Contains no CFC and no halogens

·       Ideally for the removal of greases, oils, flux residues and acrylic coatings on printed circuit boards

·       No greasy residues after evaporation

·       Compatible with most plastics, rubber, elastomers and surface coatings

Contains flammable solvent. Do not spray on electric devices.